Why choose us as your EPC partners?


Our electrical engineers tirelessly work for our client’s positive business impact. GALAXY IEC creates value around the world; our experienced professionals deliver focus, expertise and confidence through their work.


Plan to join this firm? You’ll probably discover lots of training sessions, work discussions, several business opportunities and dedicated support and motivation from the GALAXY leadership to be your best. Browse through our company website www.GALAXYIEC.com to search our success stories, capability and reach.


Our Project Managers have a strong multi-disciplined engineering background. Our team skillfully handles mechanical, procurement, electrical, controls, communication and Instrumentation design services for manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, and automated warehousing. From start to finish, full turn-key project management under one roof- That’s GALAXY IEC INDIA PVT. LTD. for you.


Our expertise in identifying project risks, along with plans to mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities, provide a true advantage to our clients. Evidently, that demonstrates our knowledge in maintaining programs and schedules on site and off site. GALAXY IEC ensures all implementation happens in accordance with the national government rules and protocols of the related regulatory authorities.


All our client projects start in house with proper contract verification, terms and tasks assigned and documented plan of action. Our instrumentation engineers, controls engineers, technicians, and electrical systems consultant would be present to confirm their roles and responsibilities during the turnkey project. Signatory authority board is allocated and their respective approvals to conduct I&C functions safely, reliably, efficiently and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures are enlisted.


What we do for our clients ranges from instrument calibrations, field checks, troubleshooting, and maintenance on control equipments to site inspection on premises every minute. Our team helps you maintains and installs control systems like the monitoring alarm and indicators, and other Turnkey components like Protective Relays, Voltage Regulators, Vortex Controls, lighting equipments, backup Invertors and Battery Charger Controls, Motors, And Instruction Gears. Our AMC includes maintenance on 4160 volt and 480 volt equipment, breakers and switchgears. Our administrative tasks of problem logs, timely repairs, and gauging downtime also covers DCIS and PLC system maintenance.


Planning, Evaluation to Erection of facility equipment over corrective and predictive activities needs core electrical experience. Simple things like pipe dimensions and pipe material can cost tons of loss if not looked into on time. Just like, it takes experience in repairing an electric lamp – repairing it adhering to business logic takes client servicing experience. If one repairs a lamp thread instead of the non-functional wire or the plug. One takes more time and wastes effective productivity hours for the client. Similarly, if the utility requirement is that of a minimum heat generating, durable alarm BULB, basic cost effective LED bulb works best instead of a 60 watt Incandescent bulb or CFL bulb. Nevertheless, the safety and need of the client is mission critical at GALAXY IEC INDIA PVT. LTD.