Now You Could #Outsource GALAXY’S Industrial Safety Officers

Most honored United States Department of Labor’s agency OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (OSHA), has trained several thousands of employees to prevent occupational hazards, and avoid work related injury. Their years of practice and training advice have been circulated all over the world for frequent work hazards.


Whether its ill-health due to exposure to chemical leaks, or accidental movements, disorganized atmosphere or non-standardized procedures that lead to unsafe situations; every circumstance is carefully monitored and then averted. This training is much more in line of duty and is not equivalent to the accidental coverage that the employee is insured for in corporate organizations.


Our client site maintenance contract recruits safety officers. Each of them can give you solutions for slippery roads/surfaces and strong winds. Anyone at any stage can decide to opt for a relevant course on Safety and Precautions. GALAXY IEC has incorporated the entire details on site as per the industrial safety instructions engraved in the Factories Act 1948. Surveys, government regulations, company standards, and risk assessment tools are all taught and certified at GALAXY IEC. Our safety auditors have been trained to manage risk and control avoidable hazards via consistent assessments.